Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GAP Update

Well it has not even been a week yet and Gap has already abandoned ship. The company ditched their new logo and went back to their old one after massive outcry from design critics and customers. GAP admits they made a "mistake" and that they should have gotten more customer input before launching a new brand with no explanation (or they could have just not launched a bargain-bin logo in the first place, but whatever).

I am happy to see they were willing to admit defeat instead of forcing us to view that logo from here on out. Now most people will never even know there was a change. GAP now takes the top spot on my list of brand mis-fires, previously held by Tropicana (who also went back to their old brand after massive outcry, only it was not as quick of a retreat as GAP).

All is right with the world again, until some other company makes a bone-headed decision and screws up their brand.

Here's an article about the retraction: LINK

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