Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HeBrews Bistro Logo

HeBrews Bistro is a hangout connected to the main plaza at Golden Hills Community Church that sells food & drinks and offers free coffee & tea. It is a place to fellowship between Sunday services and fix that mid-morning rumble in your belly. The bistro has been open for years, but they never have had a logo or identity. I developed this logo when they wanted to start putting up signage, distributing coupons, and advertising to the church. I gave it a traditional coffee house vibe. The Hebrew word in the middle is "Shalom", which means "peace". It is used often as a greeting, and I thought it worked well to tie in the goal of the bistro (which is to welcome people in to relax and fellowship) with the name. The word also worked well to resemble steam coming off the coffee cup.

Project: HeBrews Bistro Logo
Client: Golden Hills Community Church