Monday, December 8, 2014

GHCC December Calendar Postcards

I designed these postcards for GHCC to advertise the events for this Christmas season. The topics for each Sunday as well as all the info for the annual Christmas musical are all on one nice card for display on the fridge or bulletin board. These also make great invites for friends and relatives.

I wanted the cards to have a very classic Christmas feel but without traditional reds and greens. I went with blues and tans and let the imagery communicate Christmas.

Project: December Postcards
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 5.5"x8.5" Postcards

Monday, October 27, 2014

Psalms Series

The current series at GHCC is on the book of Psalms, titled People of Praise: Blessings from the Psalter. The book of Psalms is so huge and has so many themes and subjects. That, along with the fact that the title of the series is a bit longer, made me want to keep the image simple. I really like and appreciate the musical aspect of Psalms. I decided to use an image of guitar strings and overlay it on a sky image. It creates a kind of jet stream effect that I thought made a nice texture for the title to rest on. The blue and orange colors I thought represented both the calm and the violent themes in the collection of Psalms. It has the music represented, the nature and wonder represented, and the range of calm and active themes represented.

The type I chose and designed to look musical. The "People of Praise" type is flowing and beautiful. The calligraphy type is to represent the words being handwritten by the authors of the Psalms. The horizontal lines throughout the title bring to mind a music sheet.

This is a series that will go on for a while, and the simple, yet deep meanings behind the imagery and type will allow it to be used for a long time.

Project: Book of Psalms Series
Client: Golden Hills Community Church

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Restored is the Fall theme for Kairos this year. We really wanted to show construction or a work in progress in the artwork so I went very literal with the design since we have not done anything like that for Kairos before. The type is called Roughwork, a font I have always really liked. I thought it was a great fit for this project as it was. However, I ended up drawing the letters by hand over the top of it to bring them out more with a different color. I think the effect really helps the title to stand out.

Project: Restored Theme
Client: Kairos, GHCC Young Adult Ministry
Details: 11x17" Poster

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GHCC Girls' Conferences 2014

Long time no post! I'll try to get back to being more regular about posting. It's been a rough summer personally, so I haven't been putting work up here. Which means I have a nice build up of projects that I haven't shared yet, so stay tuned!

To start it off again, I am sharing one of my favorite projects that I did over the summer. Here is the poster for the recent GHCC Girls' Conferences. The theme was A Worthy Ambition.

Client: Golden Hills Student Ministries
Details: 8.5x14" Poster

Friday, July 25, 2014

Declutter & Delight Event Promo

Declutter & Delight is a women's event coming to GHCC. They want it to be a laid back, coffeehouse-style hang out where women can come together to relax and hear about how to abide in Christ. The brochures are printed on cardstock so that they can stand and resemble the standing chalkboard menus that you often see in a coffee shop.

Project: Declutter & Delight Women's Event
Client: Women's Ministries of GHCC
Details: 10.5"x10.5" Poster and 4"x5.25" (folded) Brochure

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ephesians & Colossians Poster

Wow, sorry it's been so long. This summer has been abnormally busy but I hope to get more work up here soon. The projects have been happening but the posting has not!

This is the promo poster for a new class starting in August on the books of Ephesians and Colossians. Since these two books were letters written by Paul from Roman prison, I wanted the look to have a distinctive Roman feel. I used a red and earth-tone palatte along with the chiseled Roman-style text. The imagery of the suit of armor and the cross are a combination of two of the main iconic themes from these two books.

Project: Ephesians & Colossians Poster
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 6"x16.5" Poster

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Way of Discipleship

This is the poster for the upcoming series at Kairos. They wanted an extremely simple, text-based design with a path and creamsicle color pallette. I turned the bottom of the A into a cross to make the path lead there so that there was an added focus to the end of the path and a deeper meaning to the poster.

Project: Way of Discipleship Series Promo
Client: Kairos: GHCC Young Adult Ministry
Details: 6"x16" Poster

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Women's Ministries Logo Re-Design

Women's Network at Golden Hills is changing their name to Women's Ministries and they also wanted a new logo to coincide with the change. They gave me some guidelines for what they wanted: It needed to include a Middle-Eastern water jug, water drops or pouring water, and be an indigo color. I went through numerous ideas trying to find the right look for it. This was the one they chose because the jug had a three dimensional feel to it. I included the WM button on the jar so the jug can be used on its own and still have the initials for Women's Ministries.

Project: Women's Ministries Logo Re-Design
Client: Women's Ministries of GHCC

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter 2014 Flyers

This is the Easter Flyer for Golden Hills Community Church's annual Easter services. I was asked to design a background that could be used to project on the screen that sits behind the whole stage for the Easter service and tie the print promotion with that design. I created this warm watercolor background of the sky with different tiled watercolor squares that I think will be a very vibrant and beautiful backdrop for the Easter services. The theme for Easter Sunday is A Joy that Conquers Fear. When I think of fear, I think of darkness. I really wanted the background to be bright and vibrant to dispel any thought of darkness or fear.

Project: Easter Flyers
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 3.67" x 8.5" Double-Sided Flyer

Monday, April 7, 2014

Role of a Godly Man Banners

CORE contacted me to design a set of banners for their 2014 theme, Role of a Godly Man. This will be the theme topic for their Men's Breakfasts this year. I created a logotype that could be repeated as a tag on all their promotions.

I did not want the banners to all be exactly the same (they requested 4 banners) so I kept the design consistent while changing the main image to reflect different men at different stages of life and in different situations. I tried to represent younger men and older men, married men and single men, and fathers (single or married). I plan on repeating these images throughout the year on the posters and flyers to advertise each breakfast.

Project: Theme Banners & Logo
Client: CORE, Men's Ministry
Details: 2'x6' Banners

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kairos Victory Series

Kairos has been working on a series through the book of John and split it up into three sub-series. They started out with The Witness, did a series on The Upper Room, and now they are moving on to Victory a series on the betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I split the series into two images. The first is a focus on the betrayal and death. Throughout their time in the book of John, Kairos has used the image of a lamb in their illustrations. I thought the image of a lamb on an altar would be a great way to capture the theme of these messages with the blood forming a cross (and the T of the title) to tie it all together. But the Victory does not end with the death, so I thought it was important to also have the resurrection represented in the 2nd part of the series. I found a white fabric to represent the burial cloth of Jesus, but also to represent the "he washed us white as snow" image that is such a huge part of our connection to this. I really wanted the blood to stand out on the white so I made it as simple as possible.

Project: Victory Series Art
Client: Kairos
Details: 8.5x14" Posters

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Minor Prophets Sermon Series

This week Golden Hills Community Church is beginning a new sermon series called The Prophetable Church: Major Lessons from the Minor Prophets. Designing for this series presented some challenges. How do you come up with one image to encompass 12 different prophets, each telling their message in a different way, with mountains of symbolism in each book, and all tying it together to the modern church?

Instead of coming up with one image to represent those things, I just decided to show all those things. I had this picture in my head of 12 icons (one representing each prophet) grouped together to form the image of a church. So we finally were able to nail down 12 images to represent each prophet. Whether it was an important symbol from their book, a theme, or a key image, we settled on 12. I spent some time drawing out the symbols until I felt they all had a similar look and style. I then placed them sporadically throughout the shape of a church and I had my image!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Share Your Faith Class Poster

The Community Outreach Center at Golden Hills has presented a class for years called "The Gospel Class", a course that teaches people how to share their faith. It has gone through numerous promotional changes over the years, and this year they decided to change the name to the "How to Share Your Faith Class". Along with that came the need for a re-branding and launch of new promotional materials for the course.

I looked through various concepts and I came across this image I liked of a salt shaker overflowing. I have always liked the analogy from Jesus that his followers are to be like the salt of the earth. In other words, they should affect those around them. A little salt can go a long way. It acts to flavor and preserve everything it touches. This image grabbed my attention because it had the salt overflowing out of it, much like the love of Christ is supposed to overflow from the life of a Christian and affect those around them.

I designed the logo for the class in a hexagon shape and connected the lines with dots to represent the message being shared from person to person. The class stressed getting out and sharing the gospel with people in all situations so I wanted that to be represented visually in some way. And it acted as a nice frame.

Project: How to Share Your Faith Class promotion
Client: Golden Hills Community Outreach Center

Monday, February 10, 2014

Trinity Class

Project: The Trinity: God in 3 Persons Class promo
Client: Golden Hills Community Church