Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Share Your Faith Class Poster

The Community Outreach Center at Golden Hills has presented a class for years called "The Gospel Class", a course that teaches people how to share their faith. It has gone through numerous promotional changes over the years, and this year they decided to change the name to the "How to Share Your Faith Class". Along with that came the need for a re-branding and launch of new promotional materials for the course.

I looked through various concepts and I came across this image I liked of a salt shaker overflowing. I have always liked the analogy from Jesus that his followers are to be like the salt of the earth. In other words, they should affect those around them. A little salt can go a long way. It acts to flavor and preserve everything it touches. This image grabbed my attention because it had the salt overflowing out of it, much like the love of Christ is supposed to overflow from the life of a Christian and affect those around them.

I designed the logo for the class in a hexagon shape and connected the lines with dots to represent the message being shared from person to person. The class stressed getting out and sharing the gospel with people in all situations so I wanted that to be represented visually in some way. And it acted as a nice frame.

Project: How to Share Your Faith Class promotion
Client: Golden Hills Community Outreach Center

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