Monday, April 29, 2013

Women's Bible Study Brochure 2013

This is up a few weeks late, but this is the design for GHCC's Women's Spring Bible Studies brochure and registration card. The hand holding the Bible was drawn to match the style of the art on their other print materials. The design is simple, acting as a guide calendar that can be hung on a fridge so the ladies can see what the topic is week by week. The card opens up vertically with a registration card attached.

Project: Women's Bible Study Brochure
Client: Women's Network of Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 4"x5.25" (folded)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Banner

This year for Easter, GHCC asked me to design a 6 foot by 40 foot banner that would stretch across the choir risers on their stage. I was thrilled to be able to design something this big. I was able to incorporate the title I came up with for this year's Easter message, When Empty Means Full, and a cool tomb image. I spent some time playing around combining some sunrise imagery to come up with the final banner. I turned the final image into a vector to make the image quality look really sharp. Combined with the excellent lighting skills of the tech guys, the banner really popped on Sunday.

Project: Easter Banner
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 6'x40' Vinyl Banner