Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Our Father, His Glory, Our Prayer: A Series on the Lord's Prayer

The Church-wide Small Group study this year at Golden Hills is focused on the Lord's Prayer and titled Our Father, His Glory, Our Prayer.

The Lord's Prayer is Jesus' instructions on how to pray. I really wanted to convey the "instructions" idea and was very inspired by old nautical maps and navigational instruments. A map of the ocean is a guide for how to travel the ocean. The Lord's Prayer asks God for His will to be done. So just as we are dependent on God's will, a ship is dependent on the will of the wind and waves. We can open the sails, but the ship will only go as far and fast as the wind will take it. Nautical transportation also relies a lot on the stars, so I was able to put star fields into the artwork as an added texture. Combined with the beauty of the ocean and nautical themes, I thought this was the perfect way to capture my goal of leaning on the instruction idea in a visually interesting way.

I had a lot of fun researching old nautical maps and artwork. I was inspired also by the art of Bungie, the studio that produces the Destiny video game series. They use a lot of nautical inspirations to design their space exploration maps. I'm really happy with how this one turned out.

See some select spreads from the final project below:

Project: Lord's Prayer Series Artwork & Study Guide
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 8.5x11", 130-page Book

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