Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Solas: Winter Camp 2018

GHCC's Winter Camp 2018 is tied into the church's Small Group Study for the Winter on the 5 Solas, but they wanted their own style and visual theme to distinguish it as a separate event. The direction became a Roman theme (so we could use the 5 as a Roman Numeral V) with Centurians vs. Gladiators as the main teams. It was very enjoyable researching this time period and culture. I have always had a fascination with Roman culture, so it was fun to explore it in an artistic way.

Project: GHCC Winter Camp 2018 Promo
Client: Golden Hills Community Church Student Ministries
Details: 5x16" Brochure, T-Shirts, and Crew-neck Sweatshirt

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