Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vitals: GHCC Winter Camp 2017

This year's theme for Golden Hills Winter Camp was Vitals, with a tribal/Survivor style. I really wanted the colors to be warm for this theme, despite it being a winter camp. Exploring the things that are vital for life, warmth is one of them, and warm colors also seem to be incorporated into many tribal designs and clothing. The two teams for camp were Bios (representing physical needs) and Zoe (representing Spiritual needs). For Bios I made the logo a tiki statue to represent the physical in a tribal way, and for Zoe I made the symbol a flame to represent the spiritual in a tribal way. Had a lot of fun with this theme that visually is a lot different than what we've done for Winter Camps in the past.

Project: GHCC Winter Camp Promo
Client: Golden Hills Community Church Student Ministries
Details: 5x16" tri-fold brochure, T-Shirts, and Hooded Sweatshirt

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