Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GHCC Easter Flyers 2015

Golden Hills has a royalty theme this year. Their all-church campaign was about God's Kingdom, and so Easter ties into the kingdom of God with focus on the King who died and rose again. I thought the traditional line and chant of "Long Live the King" would be especially appropriate when we are celebrating that King Jesus is alive! I ran with the traditional purple to stand for royalty. It also works well as an Easter color that we have not used as a main theme color on Easter in quite some time. I chose to show a crown as the main image above the title and I tried to make it reminiscent of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore as well as make it a royal crown to represent Jesus' reign.

Project: Easter Promotional Flyers
Client: Golden Hills Community Church
Details: 3.67" x 8.5" Double-Sided Flyer

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