Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alive WC2014 Brochure

And, as promised, here's the brochure for GHCC Winter Camp 2014. I carried the tree theme and the "X" arrangement from the logo throughout the design. I also used the diamond shape around the "I" of Alive and expanded it to almost pulse from the center of the brochure all the way to the edges. We went with a vertical arrangement to play on the alive theme as well. The tall shape gives more of a sense of growth and movement.

Project: Winter Camp Brochure
Client: GHCC Student Ministries
Details: 5"x16" tri-fold brochure

1 comment:

  1. Tyler, this design is amazing! I love how much you used the element of repetition and psychology of color and design in order to get across what you were trying to communicate. The tree design with the word ALIVE within it is genius! I love the cover - it's genius! - but even more so, I love how you used the I to be the base for another tree, repeating the theme of growth and living immediately from the very top of the pamphlet when it's opened, The verticality of it is so perfect - it echoes again the concept of life and growing and the height of the tree itself. I so love when you do work for Winter Camps!!! I think it's some of your greatest work. I mean, you even used color to your strength - relying on the psychology of color and the fact that green symbolizes growth, change, life, and more, and the yellow is such a beautiful touch to bring vibrancy and light to this piece as well. You rocked this out of the park, Ty - well done!!!