Friday, August 30, 2013

Girls' Conference 2013 Promo

This is the poster and brochure design for the GHCC High School and Middle School Girls' Conferences this year. This is the first year we decided to go with the theme as a part of the design process (rather than just making a general Girls' Conference brochure) so I wanted to share it. The theme is Return to the Source and sessions will be about "what it looks like to really abide in Christ and to have a daily relationship with God that does not dry out". I created the imagery by combining a handful of different pictures to get the desired scene: a dry desert with footprints walking away from a well. This was a fun project and hopefully the imagery conveys the theme idea in an interesting way!

Project: GHCC Girls' Conference Promotion
Client: Golden Hills Student Ministries
Details: 8.5"x13.5" poster, 4"x6.75" (folded) brochure

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