Monday, June 13, 2011

Nike CSR (student project)

Here's a Student Project I did back in 2009: A redesign of a Nike CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). I hadn't shared this on the blog before so figured I would pull it out of the archives. CSRs are created for companies to show how they have been responsible with their materials and manufacturing processes and take responsibility for their impact globally. CSRs remind consumers what the company stands for and what the company aims to do.

I made this Nike CSR a functional workout journal with workout tips from health professionals, as well as space for a reader to log their process as they work out different parts of their body. As Nike laid out their plans for how to rejuvenate the world, I threw in tips for how to rejuvenate your body. Since one of Nike's largest markets is the shoe market, I also worked up a shoe anatomy graphic that showed the different parts of the average sports shoe and the leg muscles that the shoe affects while walking or running.

Check out more pictures of the interior of the CSR after the jump.


Project: Nike CSR Redesign (Student Project)
Client: Nike (Student Project)
Details: Spiral-Bound Booklet

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