Wednesday, November 17, 2010


GHCC High School Winter Camp 2011 is also called ENGAGE in an effort to bring a consistent message to all the youth that go. Despite the theme being the same name-wise, we wanted to bring a unique identity to the themes.

The idea behind the High School version is a takeaway from the Fallout videogame franchise. In Fallout 3, specifically, the main character emerges from a lifetime living in a fallout shelter to go into the real world and explore the Wasteland, which is a corrupted and dangerous place. The concept is one that has great symbolism for the Winter Camp theme, in which the students will be challenged to engage their culture with Christ. Time to get out of the shelter and engage the real world. I'll make sure to post the brochure for this one too.

Project: GHCC High School Winter Camp 2011
Client: GHCC HSM

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